Equipment Rentals

WT Equipment, Inc. offers a wide selection of heavy equipment for your rental and purchasing needs. If we don't have it in stock, give us a call, and we can find it for you.

Equipment Attachments

We rent many varieties of heavy equipment attachments for your job.


Aggregate equipment such as crushers, Stationary Grizzly Screens, Vibrating Screens, Screen plant. Aggregate equipment is necessary for separating rocks from dirt, etc.


We rent a variety of compactors for any size job.  The large compactors and asphalt rollers for roads and other large jobs.  We also rent small hand held vibrating plate style compactors for small jobs.


We rent dozers for large excavation jobs.  Dozers are also necessary for road construction.

Fork Lifts

We rent a variety of types of fork lifts such as propane powered warehouse style fork lifts.  We also rent for capable diesel powered extended reach style fork lifts which are 4 wheel drive.


We rent a variety of types of generators such as small quiet portable generators for events and small uses.  We also rent large job-site towing generators for large power demands.


We rent a variety of lifts such as scissor lifts that reach about 18 to 32 feet for indoor jobs.  We also rent larger rough terrain lifts for outside jobs and higher reach needs, which reach up to 60 feet.  We also carry towing boom lifts.


We rent large and small loaders for your needs. Loaders are necessary for excavation, moving large amounts of dirt and rocks with ease.  We carry a variety of loaders ranging from 2.5 yards to 5 yards.

Off-Highway Trucks

We rent high capacity rough terrain 25 ton to 40 ton capacity off-highway trucks and dump trucks for large jobs in rough terrain.  

Skid Steer Walk behind (MT85)

- Skid Steer Walk behind (MT85)Skid Steer Loaders are designed and built for maximum performance and safety.

Equipment Trailers

We rent large and small equipment trailers such as deck-over trailers for hauling equipment and hydraulic dump trailers for hauling debris.

Water Trucks

We rent different sizes of large water trucks which have a capacity of 2500 gallon to 4000 gallon. Water trucks are necessary for dust control on job sites and compaction, fire fighting needs and more!


We rent a variety of excavators such as mini 8000lb excavators up to 80,000 lb excavators.